Rules and Regulations
d Admission is open to all the candidates (boys and girls) who is eligible for the course. However admission cannot be demanded as a right.
d At the time of admission to the institute the students and parents/guardians will have to sign a declaration that they will abide by rules and regulations of the institute.
d All the students shall be regular and punctual throughout each session beginning with the first day of instructions. Each student should have 90% attendance in each subject separately. An allowance of 10% attendance is made of illness, which should be supported with medical certificates. In any case the minimum attendance shall/should be 80%.
d Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, Disobedience or unbecoming conduct in the premises will render student liable to be dismissed at any time by the authorities. In such matter, the decision of the Director/principal will be final.
d Any student found short of attendance (minimum 90%) as per the rules of Examinations of RMTI he/she shall not be allowed to appear in the final Examinations. Such debarred students must repeat the course to be eligible to appear for the final Examinations with required percentage of Attendance (90%).
d Any damage case caused to the property of the institute must be replace/restored by the student & Guardian (s) concerned.
d Students are responsible for the books, equipments, tools and other instruments used by them and shall make good on their loss or damage.
d RMTI, Bhubaneswar does not take any responsibility for any injury sustained by the student though all precautions will be taken to avoid any accident.
d It is compulsory for all the students to participate in the field visits, educational tours & other establishments of historical values. Though all precautions and safety measures will be taken but the candidates, there parents/Guardians shall be fully responsible for any Natural or Un-natural cause and the RMTI Bhubaneswar does not takes any responsibility for the same.
d If a students leave the institute for any reason either just after the admission or in middle of the course or without paying the full fees in that case all deposit and caution money will be forfeited and legal action will be taken against the students to recover any balance dues of the institution.
d Fee once paid will neither be refunded or adjusted any case.
d The parent/Guardian will fill in application form accuracy. The signing of the form will constitute an agreement of the part on the parent/Guardian and candidate to abide by the Rules & Regulation of the institute as laid down in the prospectus and from time to time.
d Examination fee per student/per year/per course=Rs 1500/- (Fifteen hundred only)
d All Sundays and Govt. public holidays are holidays for the institute.
d In case of any dispute during or after the training period, the decision of the authority will be final and jurisdiction for legal proceedings will be in Bhubaneswar only.
d The fees structure of any course is liable to change at any time by the decision of the affiliation committee.
d The RMTI, Bhubaneswar will reserve its right to change, delete alter and add of the above rules and regulations as and when necessary without prior information.
d Any dispute arising out of the application of these Rules and Regulations or matters arising out of these will be subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Bhubaneswar only. Wherever, the Rules are silent the decisions of the institute will be final and binding.
d Severe disciplinary proceeding will be taken against the student who indulges in teasing the girls students or addicting to alcohol / restricted drugs.
d Smoking & chewing tobacco is strictly prohibited in the campus of the institute and Hostel.
d In case a student is unable to pay the installment on or before the notified date(15th of every month) He /She would deposit the same with a fine of Rs.100/- and in hard case more than Three months of time be allowed to him/her with a penalty of Rs.350/- if within the maximum prescribed date the student fails to deposit the fees, his/her name will automatically be struck off from the admission register and under no circumstances he/she will be allowed to attend the classes further it should be strictly be adhered.
d Students found to misbehave any teaching or non -teaching staff will be punished by the Director or Debarred from the institute.
d Any complain against any teaching or non –teaching staff should be intimated in writing to the Director.
d When a guardian or parent is called for any complain against the concerned students & if he fails to attain the office for discussion then the decision of the management committee will be final and the parents have to obey the same.
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